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Jhno started playing the piano at the tender age of four, and has since studied jazz, classical, electronic, and ethnic musical forms. In his spare time, Jhno has been developing algorithmic music and sound software, and in this endeavor has worked with Interval Research, Laurie Anderson, and Thomas Dolby. His ongoing obsession is the application of organic and generative computation techniques, such as cellular automata and genetic algorithms, in the creation and treatment of sound and music. Translation: Jhno is experimenting with computers and how they create and influence sound.

This in-depth knowledge of sound has led to some amazing solo productions that redefine ethic electronic production. Though varied, his work often incorporates soothing keys, layer upon layer of deep textured chords, and creative beat sequencing. You may have heard Jhno's work on labels Instinct, Ninja Tune, and Ultraviolet, all of which have licensed tracks for compilations. Jhno's new-jazz-groove crossover project, Wavelord with Bay Area jazz notables Michael Bluestein, Scott Amendola, and Keith MacArthur has also been turning heads.