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Justin Geller (JG) -- one half of Philadelphia-based GFS -- has been working alongside his partner J. Smooth since '96 to promote and advance the drum and bass scene in the U.S. In late '97, Geller and Smooth started Philadelphia's first drum and bass label, GFS Productions.

Since then, JG has released under his own name, or as GFS, on labels such as Sound Gizmo, Beat Smart, Higher Education, and Fuzzy Box Records. He has also performed remix work for London Records, Bad Boy Entertainment, the punk label Revelation Records, and Initial Records.

Furthermore, JG has started two new labels for GFS Productions, Argento and Slick. Both are drum and bass imprints with a different agenda. Argento will focus on synth-based futuristic releases, while Slick will focus on funkier, live-oriented music.

"Change," produced for the Philly-based 611 Records imprint, is a hard and fast two-stepper with echoed vocal loops, zingy Ed Rush-inspired synths, and driving beats.

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