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Jettison Flammable

We are the Challenger, the first single from this Philadelphia-based trio, bursts forth with a raw, stripped down, dirty rock vibe that we all love to subject ourselves to from time to time. This is math rock at its logical extreme, nerds drunk with abstract theories of noise swaggering all over the stage.

Under a hummable melody and an explosive rhythm section, Jettison Flammable remind us of the Space Shuttle Challenger tragedy in 1984-an event they say mirrors their evolution as a band.

"We've had shows where we've forgotten entire sections of a song," band members say. "This song is for groups like us, groups that implode on stage."

The B-side of their single, "Easy Tiger", is the fitting aftermath for the blow of "We Are the Challenger," as pieces of the wreck float through space to the soothing beat of quiet drums and a grooving bass line. In this song, every instrument orbits around its own relaxed vibe, but somewhere in the Jettison Flammable atmosphere, those sounds join and gallop gracefully down to earth.

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