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Swedish quartet Jettie puts out midtempo lump-in-your-throat indie pop possessed of a kind of soaring wistfulness. You know -- music for gray days when the nostalgia disease descends upon you, making you yearn to cross the chasm of months and years which separates you from the people and events that have mattered most to you. Jettie revels in this feeling in much the same way as the bands of a decade ago like Red House Painters, Idaho, and Codeine who earned the dubious epithet "sadcore." Their chiming melancholy also suggest introspective song-oriented emo groups like Pedro the Lion. Singers Stefan Juhlin and Clas Bohman offer perfect, archetypal vocals: pensive and sensitive, weary and resigned in a late adolescent way, their lyrics morosely poetic. An occasional violin or piano augments the band's setup, accentuating the forlorn feeling.

Like so many groups, Jettie started as a side project which eventually blossomed into a full-fledged band. The quartet released a demo in 2000, which caught the ear of Kasual Recordings. A split seven-inch with Postman came later that year. Then in 2001, Jettie issued a debut EP, the sweeping, five-song Goodmorning Russia.