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Jason Traeger

Jason Traeger likes to draw eerily unnerving, Geiger-style pictures of menacing, unidentifiable machines, giant tentacled creatures, and disembodied spirits. But the music he makes is as sweet and good-natured as anything you've ever heard. His 1999 K release, My Religion is Love, contains twelve happy songs about life, love, and positivity. The songs' lo-fi simplicity recalls Guided by Voices, and Traeger's voice is a charming blend of Jonathan Richman's witty quirkiness and Elvis Costello's gravelly sincerity.

Phil Elvrum of Microphones and Old Time Relijun recorded the album, and musical assistance was provided by a crowd of friends, incliding Enemymine drummer Danny Sasaki, Lois collaborator Heather Dunn, and Built To Spill drummer Scott Plouf (who also used to be in The Spinanes). The result is sometimes introspective, sometimes flat-out rockin', but always engaging.

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