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Jason Mouse

Jason Mouse is a rare talent. Originally from Boston, Mouse moved to San Francisco at a time when the drum and bass scene was relatively fresh. With a wealth of production and DJing experience under his belt, he soon made friends with drum and bass stalwarts UFO!, Juju, and DJ Abstract, who promptly made him a member of their Phunckateck crew. From this day on, Mouse could regularly be seen behind the decks, at the crew's eponymous weekly event, spinning his special blend of deep, complex drum and bass.

This same intricate style follows through in his production. His first really big track, "Magnetics," recorded under the pseudonym Sharp Scientifics for Emocean, remains a landmark track in terms of production and style. A solid bassline underpins a tight web of layered beats, all of which are veiled in a broody cloak of textured chords: typical Mouse. "Serpico," another Jason Mouse classic, was picked up and remixed by Double A & Twist at Dune Recordings. Their aptly named "Dune Remix" is more aware of the peak time floor without losing the subtle complexities of the original. If you want a taste of West Coast drum and bass, Jason Mouse is your man.

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