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James E And Gregory J

James' interest in music began at a very early age, when he would listen to family records until he practically wore them out! At the age of nine he learned how to play the French horn, the most difficult instrument to learn. Within a year, he had learned to play the E flat B flat Double French Horn. At about the age of 12, he took up playing the saxophone and occasionally his older brother's turntables. After playing a lot of jazz on his sax and "steeling" a few turns with his brother's wax, he began to blend the two interests, and his natural musical abilities came into focus. Quite comfortable in front of crowds while playing in jazz bands, James's next step was a stint behind the decks. He tagged along with other DJs, learned how it was done, and got his first paying gig at the tender young age of 16. Within a few years he hooked up with Dave and Greg Anderson (a.k.a. Mixmaster Greg).

James, Dave, and Greg did many clubs together. In the late '80s it was all progressive, industrial, and a sprinkling of acid house. As the San Francisco Rave scene took over all interests in 1990-1991, James was introduced to house, techno, breakbeat house, ragga, and acid jazz.

James played various clubs in the Sacramento area (where he lived), and also traveled to Reno/Tahoe, Salt Lake City, Portland, and other regional gigs. Now James is too old and married with children to do much giging, but he still enjoys the occasional show here and there, and he also writes music with Mixmaster Greg.

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