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Jacob London

With a production resume dating back to '92, Bob Hansen and Dave Pezzner -- aka Jacob London -- are veterans of Seattle's tech-house scene. Formerly Vitus Dance, Hansen and Pezzner formed Jacob London in '97 as an outlet for their more soulful techno-house hybrids. Their debut release, Chili Sauce, for EatHouse, comes correct with a killer dub-house remix of "Hydrogenated Funk" by Grayhound's DJ Garth.

In '00 Hansen and Pezzner joined forces with Jon Lemmon's up-and-coming deep house label Viva! to create an outlet for the Jacob London sound. Hence squid:records was born. The first (cunningly titled) release, Jacob London vs. Jacob London, features four tracks which range from funky, driving tech-house ("Bowl Noodle") to complex, elastic house ("Skid Topper"). The second release, "Slomtime," comes with a crucial electro-house remix from 20:20 Vision and Playhouse affiliate Random Factor (aka Carl Finlow). To up the ante, Jacob London drafted in the Swedish king of twisted house, Tony Senghore (UTC, Gung, Panhandle), for a remix of the fourth squid release, "Gutterballs." "Don't Fear The Peepi" is taken from an EP on Free The Funk, while "Yak Attack" and "Bagel Rape" are taken from the Gateau De Poisson EP on French house imprint Stay True. No doubt we will be seeing and hearing an awful lot more from these guys in the years to come.

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