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J-Majesty understands the power of the guitar. The self-titled debut album on Some Records is full of triumphantly ringing guitars, quirky lyrics, and scratchy smooth vocals. Take one part kudzu country sass and twang, one part wah-wah disco funk, one part post-hardcore power, and one part sensitive wounded heart, and you're only halfway to describing J-Majesty's sound. A lesser band would take all of these disparate sounds and influences and create a formless mess, but J-Majesty shifts between moods and grooves without ever missing a beat.

"Country" is a country fried herky-jerky Southern rawk song that lopes along, propelled by crisp guitar and whiskified vocals. "West Side Highway" is a slower, more reflective song that shows J-Majesty's quieter side. Both songs are from the band's self-titled album, which features artwork by acclaimed San Diego artist and illustrator Rich Jacobs.

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