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Isaac Spayes

Finland's Jyri Kantanen moved to Stockholm, Sweden in '79, though whatever you do, don't mistake him for a Swede or he'll aim a hockey puck at your head. His father managed a Stockholm discotheque in the early '80s that has been (justifiably) compared to New York's infamous Paradise Garage (sans Keith Haring), mainly because it was the first place in Stockholm where gay people could hang out in public (at that time homosexuality was illegal in his home country). Kantanen blagged plenty of mix tapes and vinyl from visiting DJs before running off to work for an electro-acoustic design firm. He spent almost 10 years building PA systems for rock and pop clubs before the dance scene blew up in Stockholm in the early '90s. With an investment from a colleague, Kantanen built a sound system specifically designed for electronic music that he hired out to raves and parties all over Sweden, thus securing his ticket into the dance scene.

After a few years of DJing, promoting parties, renting out his sound system, working as a sound engineer, tinkering with production, and generally working his nuts off, Kantanen was in dire need of a break. In an effort to distance himself from repetitive beats, he enrolled at University and undertook a bachelor's course in philosophy. Graduated and fully recharged, Kantanen accepted an offer from his pal Mika Snickars to work behind the counter at a record store and assist in running a sound studio and Mika's (aptly named) Snickars label. Kantanen went on to release many of his own works on Snickars, including a double LP recorded live at Club Rangus Tangus in Stockholm featuring Mika (as Marvin Cayes) on the decks, MC Sandor on the mic, and Svek's Jean-Louis Huhta on percussion. His dub-influenced house and techno has been licensed to numerous compilations on primo labels such as Lifesaver, Dubwise, and Route 33. "Heathen" features next to tracks by Pawel Kobak, Hakan Lidbo, Niko Bellotto, and Martin Venetjoki on the deep house compilation, X Marks The Spot.

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