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Invisible Ink Radio

Invisible Ink is a weekly radio zine that features stories and commentaries from my favorite local (Bay Area) authors and my indie press heroes. The program airs weekly on 91.7 KALW in San Francisco. This summer, Invisible Ink won a "Best of the Bay" award from the San Francisco Bay Guardian and was a feature on WBEZ's Third Coast Audio Festival website.

I get asked this a lot: "So, is Invisible Ink about zines, or is it a zine?" The answer is more of the latter. It's essentially a one-person operation, and it has a very handcrafted feel to me. The majority of the contributors are my indie press heroes, but a good story is a good story, and I do love a good book. So, locals with book deals make appearances. I just never want to be a stop on the national book author NPR station tour. I am completely behind those writers, and I want them to succeed. Being able to make a living out of what you love should be everyone's goal. But, being a junket stop does not really interest me. You PR folks can still feel free to send me free books if you'd like. You never know, I may do a show about your book. I'm funny that way.

I've always thought that zines and public radio were a natural fit. Zines are publications done for the love of doing them, not to make a profit. Most people involved lose money, and volunteer their time. The stories and discussions can be informative, funny, angry, brilliant and sad, but are often completely absent from the mainstream media. A good zine and a successful radio story share the same feeling of connection between the author and the audience.

That's what Invisible Ink is all about. Local writers (some with mainstream success, some still struggling to make a living), national zine publishers, artists in all forms of alternative media, and people on the street come together to talk, tell stories, and give social commentary all set to music.

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