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Inside Five Minutes

Along with fellow Detroit bands like The White Stripes and The GO (and recent Detroit transplants The Starlite Desperation), Inside Five Minutes is reclaiming the Motor City's power rock heritage for the next century. They fall neatly into the grand tradition of Michigan guitar bombast that began with The Stooges, MC5, and The Rationals. At their most forceful, Inside Five Minutes makes heavy, snarling garage-punk that could knock the tar out of just about anyone, prominently featuring two tough streetfighting guitars and tight, heavy, eight-cylinder percussion. They possess a fair amount of range however, often moving into midtempo anthemic grunge reminiscent of early Soundgarden, occasionally sounding a bit like a latter day Sabbath, and sometimes locking into more minimal, sinuous, moody grooves. IFM announced itself in 2001 as Detroit's next up-and-coming low-rent rock and roll powerhouse with its debut record, Stately Chaos Home, which features "Olympians."