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Ink constructs their songs one layer at a time, taking a barren unpopulated soundscape and filling it with jerky percussion, clever samples and electronics, thoughtful melodies, and quirky vocals. The result is complex and richly textured music that recalls the restrained emotional intensity of Slint and the arty creativity of Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 topped off with a splash of Movement-era New Order.

The featured "Tokyo Western," from Ink's self-titled 2000 album on Monitor Records, slowly builds and maintains tension for six minutes of thrumming, soulful bass, atonal speak-sing vocals, and pinging guitar noodling. The song truly evokes a modern urban Western, conjuring images of a haze-obscured sun and endless, tumbleweed-strewn boulevards. The propulsive, jarring "REZ Icons," also from the self-titled album, is somewhere between This Heat and Wire, true post-punk for the art school set.

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