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In The Nursery

In The Nursery is a Sheffield-based project centered around the writing nucleus of twin brothers Klive and Nigel Humberstone, augmented for studio and live work by military drummer/percussionist Q, and multi-lingual vocalist Dolores Marguerite C., whose sultry and achingly raw vocals grace "Groundloop."

ITN's musical history spans almost 20 years and documents their desire for progress and experimentation, with an electronic blending of natural acoustic strains along with synthesized elements. Formed in 1981, their debut release When Cherished Dreams Come True (1983) marked the beginning of a prolific musical career that has produced over 230 recorded works encompassing landmark albums such as Twins (1986), L'espirit (1989), Sense (1991),Anatomy Of A Poet (1993), Deco (1996), and Lingua (1998). These albums have all consolidated the band's distinctive sound while taking on board new influences.

The group also has worked with noted luminaries in the electronic music realm such as Andrew Weatherall of Two Lone Swordsman renown.

The cinematic aspects of ITN's music, with its lush orchestral movements and electronic strains of sound, were utilized to great effect in various TV and film commissions including Random Hearts, Interview with The Vampire, and The Rainmaker, as well as in their own Optical Music releases The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1996), Asphalt (1997), and Man With A Movie Camera (1999). These new scores for classic silent films have been accompanied by live performance screenings at independent cinemas throughout Europe.

On Groundloop, In The Nursery continues to develop their cinematic-styled soundscapes to great effect. The listener is enveloped in swirling leyers of keys and synth, with subtle but prodding percussion underneath, as ethereal vocals wrap around before plunging home with beautiful conviction.

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