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Horrible, horrible things inspire Impaled's music. Things like blood, feces, vomit, and splattered guts. To realize this, all you have to do is look at their sickeningly explicit album covers. If you missed those, the songs themselves would be a dead giveaway. How can there be any doubt about titles like "Immaculate Defecation" and "Gorenography"? What we've got here is four extremely twisted and perverse black humorists.

The Oakland quartet accompanies its fascination with defiled flesh and bodily waste with a ferocious grindcore assault that will turn you into a quivering, gelatinous sack of useless bones and organs. It consists of frantic, piercing guitar work, machine gun fire drums, and dual vomitronic vocals that suggest the intestinal disturbances of a large farm animal. Impaled is heavy, powerful, and absolutely revolting.

The band emerged from the same gruesome Oakland metal scene that produced such legendary vehicles for the violent dissemination of the vulgar as Testament, Possessed, and Forbidden. Since its '95 formation, Impaled has put out two full albums, the comically titled Choice Cuts and more sinisterly named The Dead Shall Dead Remain. It's the latter which features "Trocar" and "Back to the Grave."

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