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Ian Pooley

Ian Pooley began his production career while still at school in Mainz, near Frankfurt in Germany. While the rest of the country was listening to banging techno and trance, Pooley favored the more subtle electronic sounds that were emanating from Detroit-based producers such as Derrick May, Juan Atkins, and Kevin Saunderson. With his partner in crime Thomas Gerlach -- aka DJ Tonka -- Pooley began building his production resume on labels such as Force Inc., Definitive, and the highly prolific Junior Boys Own. His early work leaned towards techno but came with an undeniable deep house flavor. His production work gained him a series of remixing offers from high-profile acts such as Daft Punk, The Cardigans, and Yello, while his career as a DJ took off thanks to gigs throughout Europe and the States.

Although Pooley is now considered a premier league DJ and producer, he maintains close links with underground labels such as NRK, Strive, Sublime, and Odori. For a superb example of Pooley's undercover work, check out his release on Odori under the guise of Pinnchicky (if you are lucky enough to find a copy). Pooley's rising profile as a DJ and prolific production resume prompted Virgin subsidiary V2 to offer him a multiple album contract. In '98 he released his debut full-length, Meridian, which encompassed elements of deep house, tech-house, and Afro-Cuban downtempo. "What's My Number," featured on Meridian, went on to become one of his biggest successes to date.

His follow-up full-length for V2, Since Then, sees a departure from his earlier futuristic, techno-driven productions. Here Pooley opts for a distinctly Latin flavor. In the album's liner notes, he thanks Joyce, Marcos Valle, and Sergio Mendez, so it's fairly obvious that he has been tripping on the South American sunshine. "Coracao Tambor" comes replete with vocals from both Rosanna and Zelia. The playful Joyce-like vocals, deep Balearic beats, and Latin percussion will find a place in the bars and clubs of Ibiza. Opus III prodigy and Swayzak collaborator Kirsty Hawkshaw lends her vocal talents to "Visions," a sweet and very deep house rendition. Although this is one of Pooley's most commercial releases to date, the high-end production and south-of-the-equator percussive influences make for good listening on and off the dance floor.

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