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I See Spots

I See Spots is a songwriting soapbox for Sean O'Brien and Joel Rosenquist, two singing guitarists who have been playing together around Arlington, Virginia since the mid '90s. Together, they straddle the often blurry line between low- and medium-fi rock, making shimmering folky pop songs that do not require gimmicks or fireworks. Instead, O'Brien and Rosenquist are confident and savvy enough to rely on their guitars, voices, and strong songwriting skills to grab and hold your interest. "Grab" is the wrong word, really, for these are gentle songs. They don't grab your attention so much as they sneak up on it, infiltrating your brain when you least expect it, only to resurface later when you find yourself humming "Wal-Mart" while in line at the gas station.

As charming as a cookie-selling Girl Scout, as jangly as a custodian's key ring, and as sweet as summer love, I See Spots delivers songs packed with toe-tapping, sing-along melodies and the warm, twangy nostalgia that only a harmonica can add. All of the songs sound oddly familiar and comforting without sounding too derivative, though comparisons to the The Magnetic Fields, Ben Lee, and -- it's true -- The Church (think "Under the Milky Way") spring to mind. Grab a friend, a cold drink, and a seat in your favorite hammock and let I See Spots whisper sweet somethings in your ear.

"Ether" is from I See Spots' first record, Word Order. "Iditarod," "St. Bonaventure (Part II)," and "Wal Mart" are from the band's second album, Cantilievered Heart.