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Nicolas Chaix -- better known as i:cube -- is a young Parisian who makes electronic music par excellence. His debut single "Disco Cubizm" (released on choice French imprint Versatile) propelled him into the premier league of French house producers alongside Alex Gopher, Daft Punk, Motorbass, and Air. The follow up single, "Metamorphik," was equally as successful, and in '97 his debut album Picnic Attack, led U.K. dance culture rag Muzik to declare i:cube artist of the year. Pretty impressive for a man still in his early twenties.

Adore is the second full-length album from this imaginative young individual. It is an engaging piece of work that musically embodies everything from electro-funk to dub and downtempo grooves to pure bossa nova fueled house music. The title track sits somewhere between Air and Dead Beats, "Gastro Funk" sounds a little like Detroit techno taken back a decade, while "La La La" is an inspired melange of unusual sound bytes and mid-tempo breaks. When listening to Adore you should expect the unexpected: you will be pleasantly surprised.

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