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I Am Spoonbender

Once upon a time there was a freak of nature by the name of Uri Geller. "A freak of what nature?" you might ask. Indeed. Geller had a special talent of unleashing a deadly telekinetic wrath on common household cutlery. He was all the rage for a brief period in the '70s when his unusual abilities made their way across the airwaves (housewives around the country claimed that after watching him on TV that they'd find their silver bent in half!).

Of course, this doesn't have a lot to do with anything these days, but that didn't stop the San Francisco treat known as I Am Spoonbender from digging up and revitalizing the old legendary brainbender by paying tribute to his power with their simple moniker.

The band's lineage includes Robynn "Cup" Iwata's time with Vancouver indie rockers Cub and Dustin Donaldson's drumming duties with S.F. queercore favorites Pansy Division and surrealist avant-metal group Thought Industry. But these activities don't provide straightforward clues to Spoonbender's sound. With an aural sleight of hand, I Am Spoonbender tricks the listener into believing that what is heard is fresh, new, and avant-garde, even though the band makes no claims of originality. Its debut album, Sender/Receiver, could be seen as the recontextualization of This Heat (the rhythmically brilliant late-'70s English counterpart to Kraftwerk), new waver Gary Numan, and sonic experimentalists Nurse With Wound.

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