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I Am Robot And Proud

I Am Robot And Proud is the brainchild of 22-year-old Canadian bedroom knob jockey Shaw-Han Liem. I Am Robot And Proud's November 2001 debut album The Catch is the first showing of this artist's skill as a producer. The I Am Robot sound is a combination of clicking computer samples, droning old keyboards, lilting dusty electric pianos, and buzzing bass tones. Recalling the melodic electronic sounds of Mouse on Mars, Solvent, and Yellow Magic Orchestra, I Am Robot cultivates a homegrown electronic sound reminiscent of a cold winter wind calmed by a warm cup of tea. I Am Robot And Proud has shared the stage with groups like Manitoba, Marumari, Hood, Random Numbers, and Printed Circuit. After appearing on Catmobile's Printed Circuit remix album, I Am Robot And Proud released a four-song EP, Spring Summer Autumn Winter in June 2002 on Mira Records. As the name suggests, I Am Robot And Proud offers a mix of rigid mechanized rhythms and warm textured melodies that provides a friendly reminder of the coming future in which robots may be able to feel as well as think.

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