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Pittsburgh's Hurl are a testament to the precise work that can be done by giant machines. Imagine a giant combine, full of gears, spokes and jagged metal cogs, which is built only to carefully sew very tiny leather pouches together. This process is about size and precision combining to make something that is simultaneously quite beautiful and rather loud. The size of the machine is not without purpose, mind you, and the delicate final product could not exist without every one of the mechanical parts working in unison.

Pok Magazine says that Hurl "creates a vast array of moods, tones, tunings, shapes and sounds wielded from their instruments, constructing seemingly impenetrable layers of noise, yet somehow managing to slide a delicate melody into a crack or seam in the cacophony." Unlike this hypothetical machine, Hurl's music is not only precise and well-designed, but also emotional and full of conviction.

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