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Burlington, Vermont's huffy stopped rocking in 1997, around the same time its former label, Ringing Ear (home to the likes of New Sweet Breath and Doc Hopper) called it quits. Now the band has released a posthumous record, No High Fives, on metoo! records. The album provides a shining snapshot of the brilliant music these three small town kids let out of the basement for the world to hear. Songs like "Chopper Pilot" and "Surfcaster" are wise beyond the musicians' years and make you want to jump up and down and break things as you sing along. Think of some of the catchier Ringing Ear bands, throw in some Meices and Hüsker Dü, and you're starting to get there. This is catchy, melodic indie rock at its very best: intelligent songs played with real feeling and musicianship. No High Fives is full of high-speed heartbreakers that get stuck in your head in the best way. Virtually every line will remind you of that one summer when you got wise, before you got old. This is a record you won?t forget.

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