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You never really quite know what to expect from Hrvatski. Born Keith Fullerton Whitman, Hrvatski seems to have two sides to his musical persona. On the one hand we have the schizoid drill 'n' bass side, which conducts experiments in percussive programming more than melody, as on his 1998 release Oiseaux 1996-1998. Among the hard abrasiveness, hints of a more emotive side were apparent on his 2002 follow-up Swarm & Dither, where an acoustic and digital hybridization could be heard among surprising tracks like a cover of the Rolling Stones' "Paint It Black."

It is in this vein that we find Hrvatski's latest single "Equinox," found on Carpark Records' Wanna Buy a Craprack? compilation. With its wonderfully emotive breakbeat that could only be considered borderline drum and bass, the track is a sweeping melodic masterpiece. Acoustic guitar and what sounds like an accordion are among the unlikely instruments that play along with the sweeping digital blips. The result is a beautiful layered and highly original electronic/acoustic arrangement. With artists like Kid606, Kit Clayton vs. Safety Scissors, and Jake Mandell rounding out the lineup, plus four bonus videos, this compilation is well worth checking out.