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Howie Beck

Howie Beck's low-key bedroom-produced pop is simple and honest. A drummer turned guitarist and songwriter, Beck has recorded songs for by himself for years in his bedroom, where he feels most creative and confortable. But his recordings don't have the restricted quality of most lo-fi. He carefully and methodically puts his delicate songs to tape, making rich and warm recordings remniscent of old Beatles albums. Beck began releasing his albums on his own 13 Clouds label and selling them through word of mouth and through his website. He had to sell his car and maintain a meager lifestyle to finance the album but Beck seems content with how things are going, and rightfully so.

His self-released albums have earned him piles of press in his home Canada. And his breezy but darkly moody albums have begun catchin on in other parts of the world. His second album, Hollow, was released in Europe by Easy! Tiger in the summer of 2001, more than two years after he released the album in Canada himself. This European release and a subsequent trip to play in the U.K. earned the album significant accolades and notoriety. Hollow has now been released in The United States by Devil In The Woods and Future Farmer Recordings in August of 2002. Howie Beck is slowly but successfully unveiling his self-made music to the world.