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Hot Water Music

Since Gainesville, Florida's Hot Water Music first appeared on the scene in 1994, they've been touring furiously and the kids have been going crazy over them -- for good reasons. Before we get to those reasons however, we should establish that it's actually The Hot Water Music Band, not to be confused with the Southern California folk rock band Hot Water Music. Apparently a lot of people who read Charles Bukowski go on to start rock bands (the name comes from one of his novels).

Anyway, what's all the fuss over HWM? Their sound starts with a storm of rhythm: chugging, powerful bass lines and smart, sometimes complex drumming. Add slashing guitar parts, raw confessional vocals, and seemingly unbounded energy and you've got something bigger than a band -- you've got a force of nature. Hot Water Music takes the power of hardcore punk rock and marries it to the clarity and sincerity of emo to create an incredibly direct, visceral sound.

"Radio Free Gainesville" and "Rooftops" both come from HWM's 1999 Some Records release No Division. That was the band's fourth full-length; 1997's Forever and Counting (Doghouse) and Finding the Rhythms and 1998's Fuel for the Hate Game (both on No Idea) preceded it, as did a number of seven-inches and a brief group split. The band has since put out one more full-length, 1999's Moonpies for Misfits (No Idea).