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Homeliss Derelix

Hip hop duo Homeliss Derelix have been holding it down in Cali's underground for years now, dropping singles every year or so, appearing on compilations (such as 1994's Bomb Hip Hop compilation) and mix tapes throughout the West, and repeatedly gracing the pages of publications like Urb, DJ, and Jockey Slut. Producer Architect has been laying down boom bap blueprints from San Diego (releases by numerous artists on the Certified imprint) to San Francisco (Stones Throw #003, the HD's famous "Cash Money" 12-inch). Rapper 50 Grand has been no slouch either, releasing the solo joint "The Visitor" b/w "Bring It Live" on Blind Side Records and appearing on Peanut Butter Wolf's Step On Our Egos compilation.

These three tracks find the HDs in top form, kickin' popular science with a relaxed, laid-back delivery. Architect uses jazz samples in a fresh and original manner, achieving a very live-in-the-studio vibe. "One Concept" is definitely one for fans of Gang Starr's jazz-meets-street-knowledge style. It's almost as if they never heard about the whole '90s jazz hip hop fusion thing, but still managed to pull off something no one else had done yet.

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