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Holiday Flyer

Holiday Flyer's melodic, melancholy sound is centered by the soaring-above-the-clouds harmonies of Roseville, California-based brother-and-sister team John and Kate Conley, both of whom sing and write the band's sad, yearning songs. He also plays guitar and she plays drums. In structure and tone, the Conley siblings? unabashedly pretty songs recall some of the work of a husband-and-wife team, Yo La Tengo's Georgia and Ira Hubley. They are joined on You Make Us Go, their third full-length, by Verna Brock, formerly of Beanpole and Rocketship, who also lends a hand in the songwriting in addition to playing piano, cello, and flute. The trio has filled out its sound a bit on this release, adding a second guitar and bass. The results are spectacular: expansive, gorgeously arranged, perfectly-produced pop songs that are densely textured but remarkably coherent. The interplay between the Conleys' voices and Brock's flute on the track "Clover Valley Road" is so lovely you won?t be able to stand it.