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Hex Error

Hex Error is an angry and politically intelligent indie hardcore group from Atlanta. If the bands from the heyday of Gravity Records down and threw you from their car, there would be Hex Error runnin over yer ass. The vocals range from a hint of newer Slayer to dead-on Ian MacKaye (Fugazi). Hardcore angular guitars, bass, and drums pound like Shellac and cut like Mohinder. Math meets rock as everything chops, yet flows. Fans of John Henry West and the like are going to be very pleased with the emergence of Hex Error. They rise far above the hardcore doldrums, taking their aggression and channeling it in a challenging way. Hex Error sometimes perplexes, but never overwhelms. They aren't doing anything incredibly new, but they are doing it incredibly well, and we're featuring a track off of their self-released, self-titled debut album.

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