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Under various guises, Matthew Herbert pushes electronic music production standards to its limits and then some. His releases for Phonography, Classic, and Warp, and his countless remixes for Raw Elements, Clear, Reflective, Perlon, Playhouse, and F Communications run the gamut from house to techno and electro, taking in abstract and experimental along the way. In early 2000, he set up Accidental, Soundslike, and Lifelike (formerly Lowlife) to release avant-garde electronic music from a family of innovative, nonconformist musicians of all stylistic leanings, in addition to releases under his own aliases Herbert, Radio Boy, Wishmountain, and Doctor Rockit.

Released in May 2001 on !K7/Soundslike, Bodily Functions is possibly his most accomplished project to date. Six years in the making, the album hones in on the dance floor while maintaining the intricate production techniques of his home listening releases. Dani Siciliano's somber, seductive vocals tend towards failed relationships, both real and, as Herbert explains on his website, metaphorical, the latter variety involving power groups such as corporate monopolies and government institutions. Herbert is the sample wizard, microscopically amplifying people, places, and events, with a little help from medical experimentalist Matmos, who provides blood and laser eye surgery sound bytes. To round things out, Herbert drafts in pianist Phil Parnell alongside an ensemble of clarinetists, violinists, flautists, and trumpeters, adding loose organic appeal to his electronic masterpieces.