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her space holiday

Marc Bianchi of AudioInformationPhenomena Records has been making records under the name her space holiday since 1997, creating lovely, simple pop full of soothing vocals, warm guitar sounds, mechanical beats, and twinkling piano lines. Over the years, her space holiday's sound has evolved, incorporating electronic and jazz elements.

"Silent Films" and "The Unbelievable Broadcast" are from the Silent Films EP on Dogprint Records Records. Both songs are intoxicating blends of dancy beats and pop melodies. The Silent Films EP also features an introspective, swirly pop cover the Pixies' "Gigantic."

"Freedom Fighters Remix" is a remix of an Aspera Ad Astra song. "The Doctor and the DJ" is an original her space holiday song. Both tracks are both from home is where you hang yourself, a double CD featuring 10 new her space holiday songs and eight remixes of artists like Duster, Bright Eyes, and Mahogany.

In 2001, Bianchi brought her space holiday back for another album, Manic Expressive, which took the project's unique mix of sounds to an entirely new level of idiosyncratic avant-pop perfection. The album's strange combination of vulnerable, boyish vocals, soaringly gorgeous strings, and stuttering, hectic beats puts her space holiday in more or less uncharted musical territory. "Key Strokes," with its combination of crisp, snickety, D&B beats, languid strings, hazy synth effects, and tender vocoded vocals, gets right at the essence of her space holiday's offbeat charm.

2002's Audio Astronomy is a re-release of the group's 1997 vinyl-only release featuring six previously unreleased bonus tracks. Bianchi sticks with the more atmospheric textures for much of the CD. Songs are peppered within long dreamy segments, slowing down the heart rate for long enough to set the mood for what's around the bend.