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Heidi Saperstein

Heidi Saperstein is a Boston native with an agile voice she uses very well. The former frontwoman for the all-female Beantown rock band Shiva Speedway has stepped into the solo spotlight with a couple of diverse releases which range stylistically from edgy, bombastic modern rock to bluesy acoustic pop. Saperstein aligns herself on the one hand with challenging, brooding female-fronted early '90s Boston rock bands like Throwing Muses, Belly, and Juliana Hatfield and on the other with the passionate folky pop of women like Lisa Loeb and Mary Lou Lord. Saperstein brings in a number of nontraditional rock instruments -- in particular lots of cello -- to complement her basic setup, giving some of her pieces a bit of a haunted, fairytale feel.

In 2000, not long after the breakup of her band, Saperstein debuted with her self-released Very Special EP. A year later, the singer-songwriter returned with the 11-song Devil I Once Knew, on which she is ably assisted by a number of Boston rock musicians, including members of Come, Karate, Barbaro, and Empty House Collective.