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Heidi Berry

Raised in Boston by a jazz-singing mother, Heidi Berry also caught the singing bug, but opted for dusky folk-pop instead. After moving to England with her mother in her teens, Berry began seriously pursuing a career in music. At the end of the '80s, Berry, then in her late 20s, began making her first recordings on the seminal British independent Creation Records. Berry's tender, melancholy, haunted folk style was decidedly anomalous in the shoegazing-oriented U.K. indie scene of the time, but her emotionally charged Creation recordings (a 1987 EP, Firefly, and a 1989 LP, Below the Waves) did earn her some notice, and pricked the ear of the likeminded folks at 4AD who took her into the tight-knit 4AD fold where she has remained ever since. On her subsequent '90s albums, Berry continued to develop her rich brand of elegant, soulful, contemporary folk-pop with the help of her brother, guitarist/violinist Christopher Berry, making increased use of traditional Celtic folk colors, Indian classical forms, old time piano balladry, and some more modern elements. Berry's 2001 4AD career retrospective, Pomegranate sums up her decade-plus career, offering selections from five albums to convey a sense of the evolution of her career. "Up in the Air" is Pomegranate's only non-Berry original; taken from her 1991 album Love, it's a Husker Du cover.

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