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For those who appreciate classic verse-chorus-verse guitar-pop songs, the D.C.-based Heartworms are sure to be a treat, because that's the kind of music they play, and they play it well. The demise of Heartworms frontman Archie Moore's old band, Velocity Girl, has allowed him to focus more fully on this project, which is a bit of a departure from Velocity Girl's noiser, more spastic, female-fronted sound. Moore is joined by his girlfriend, vocalist and bassist Trisha Roy (who's also in Belmondo), and a rotating supporting cast that has included Chisel drummer Chris Norborg. The Heartworms' first single, "Thanks for the Headache", from their 1995 debut full-length, Space Escapade, is an indie-pop gem: a little of over two minutes of Moore's bitter, confessional lyrics delivered in a sweet, slightly weary, vulnerable-sounding voice over ringing guitars and straight-ahead percussion.