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Under the guise of Hawke, winged hero and psychedelic breakbeat architect, Gavin Hardkiss fashions adventurous and exotic sound experiments. With the assistance of some live musicians -- in particular, superhuman drummer Shaheen and guitarist Jay -- Hawke builds a mellow, exotic sounds around glittering, diamond-like beats and a deep, heavy bass that rumbles right through you. Add in spacey far-out effects and some ethereal vocal lamentations, and you get some really luscious, sensuous downtempo on the extra-chilled-out tip. The glorious "Vivos en la Muerte" is from Hawke's debut album, 1998's Namaquadisco. He also has released a number of 12-inches, including 3 Nudes in a Purple Garden, Acid Funk, Erections from Namaquadisco Vol 1, 2, and 3, and 2000's Theme from Sticky Trumpets.

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