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Harold Budd

Harold Budd writes, "One shatters glass in a vacuum, then finds the art part among the shards." For more than 20 years, Budd has been searching through the debris to develop only the most mystical and beautiful works of musical art. While much of his work could be categorized as "ambient," he avoids the all-too-common ambient pitfall of stripping away music's compassion and humanity.

Budd's music has the effect of extending the moment just before you fall into a deep sleep when your brain is dreaming but your body is awake. Both "Breathless...I" and "Pantomime..." are featured on Budd's album She Is A Phantom, which he composed specifically for Zeitgeist. This album represents Budd's return to composing music for ensembles, following a series of collaborations with luminaries such as Brian Eno and Cocteau Twins.

In 2000, Budd released his first record since 1996's Luxa. The Room, Budd's major-label debut for Atlantic, showed that he hadn't lost a single ounce of his talent for simple, beautiful melody. We're treated to a fantastic downtempo treatment of the album's title track courtesy of Fila Brazillia.