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Har Mar Superstar

For those unfamiliar with the erotic white chocolate pleasure he exudes from every pore of his body, Har Mar Superstar is a character who knows no boundaries in the department of getting a groove on. Like his predecessors Rick James and Bobby Brown, Har Mar can rock you right out of that silk robe and into a steamy session with that special someone. In fact, orgiastic episodes with your lover's earlobes are pretty much unavoidable when Har Mar represents with one of his crooning love songs. He breathes sweet nothings all over you on every track of his 2000 self-titled debut album on Kill Rock Stars with some assistance from a number of collaborators, including The Busy Signals. The Superstar continues his decadent romp through the Playboy mansion of sound with 2002's You Can Feel Me. Har Mar himself sent us this unreleased track for you to listen to called "Brothers and Sisters," because he knows we're super down with his sexy program.

You might recognize this modern day Marvin Gaye as the one and only Sean Na Na. That's the Superstar's sugary acoustic pop alter ego, which hits the more sensitive side, but is equally as infectious. You may even recognize him as Sean Tillman, formerly of the Amphetamine Reptile Records white noise post-punk onslaught called Calvin Krime, which toured the U.S. relentlessly for years. You may have heard that Har Mar Superstar is in fact the alias of Mr. Tillman's younger brother Harold Martin, but rest assured, Sean Na Na doesn't have any younger brothers -- just a lot of imagination and a penchant for really involved practical jokes. Who else could possibly be Har Mar Superstar, superhero of rump shakers, infiltrator of erogenous zones, complete with a cape?