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Happy Pills

You might think Happy Pills' pop-infused post-punk sounds like a lot of bands from the Midwestern United States, but the group hails from Poznan, Poland, where they're a big part of the growing indie rock scene in Eastern Europe. Since their inception in 1993, Happy Pills have slowly earned an international reputation as one of Poland's most treasured musical exports. They've drawn attention from international press, and they're currently recording for Antenna Kkrzyku (licensed by Tamizdat for the U.S.), Poland's preeminent label for all things new and cutting edge.

Happy Pills' newest album, Smile, is full of pop hooks mixed with just the right amount of distortion. Singer Agi Morawska's plaintive, beautiful vocals are the perfect counterpart to the band's fusion of punk, rock, and pop. One is immediately reminded of The Pixies and The Breeders, but those are certainly welcome influences.

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