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Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame's songs sound like the soundtrack for a séance; they give you the same creepy other-worldly feeling you might feel while observing efforts to communicate with the dead. Their repetitive, half-improvised acoustic wanderings seem to mirror the experience of entering liminal states, like the space between life and death or between sleep and wakefulness. Hall of Fame creates this enigmatic, unsettling aural landscape by blending traditional (though unconventional) instrumentation -- droning, Eastern violins, repetitive guitars, spare, almost primitive drumming -- with a wealth of found sounds, feedback, and ambient noise. It's a wonderfully organic, multilayered, mostly instrumental sound that hints of gypsy dirges, folk ballads, and tribal drumming rituals.

Hall of Fame is the brainchild of Samara Lubelski (also in the lo-fi supergroup the The Sonora Pine) and Dan Brown (a touring member of queercore giants God Is My Co-Pilot). The two played together in the straight rock trio Pacer, which later evolved into an experimental mischief-making outfit called Salmon Skin that became renowned for its guerilla performances throughout New York. After that band disbanded in 1996, Lubelski and Brown teamed with synthesizer player Theo Angel and began working on an even less rigidly defined, more experimental project, which they eventually dubbed Hall of Fame. These two featured tracks come from their two Amish Records full-lengths -- their self-titled debut and their 1999 follow-up, First Came Love, Then Came the Tree... They have also released a seven-inch, Coliseum Rising, also on Amish.

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