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Haazz and Company

Haazz & Company is yet another mind-bending free jazz ensemble uncovered by John Corbett and given new life through his eminent Unheard Music series. Dutch pianist Kees Hazevoet organized the group in Amsterdam in 1976, tapping buddy Peter Brötzmann (who brings his trademark multiple clarinet and saxophone improvisational frenzy), brothers Han Bennink (percussion and clarinets) and Peter Bennink (sax -- and bagpipes!), and a South African rhythm section of bassist Johnny Dyani (dedicatee of Brötzmann's 1970 Fuck de Boere release) and drummer Louis Moholo. Hazevoet guided the group through a pair of incantatory sessions that yielded the two 20-minute-plus recordings which comprise the aptly titled Unlawful Noise. The roller-coaster ride of an album has the classic no-hold-barred, go-for-broke feel of Dutch free jazz. Hazevoet's dizzying, psychedelic piano lines nicely underpin the multiple reed instruments, while the rhythm section provides a lower, though no less frantic counterpoint to the squealing saxes and clarinets. Those who need structure in their music will likely be turned off by Haazz & Company, but lovers of frantic ad hoc ensemble-based improvisation will be very satisfied.

Bandleader Hazevoet quit the music business in disgust several years several years after making this recording. He spent the next several decades traveling extensively before pursuing a career in the sciences. He earned a PhD in biology in the mid-'90s and now resides in Lisbon, Portugal, where he serves as Curator of Ornithology at the National Museum of Natural History there.

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