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Both in their mid 20s, Halo (full name Halo Varga) and Hipp-E (real name Eric Galaviz) combine explosively as H-Foundation, and the dance world has been irreparably changed (in a good way of course) ever since they bonded. H-Foundation are producing some of the most infectious and highly sought-after dance music around. Their label of choice is the San Diego based Siesta, with its ominous cactus logo, a small hint as to the mind altering tracks contained within.

Their sound is deep-tribal-house, emphasis on the building beats and rolling bass, not to mention a echoed vocal or too. The label and the duo have proved an instant success with DJs across the world and the label has steadily risen with releases from Doc Martin, Onionz and Master D, and DJ Spun, while no release has been quite as prolific (in terms of dance floor appeal as well as record sales) as this. Go straight to "Hear Dis Sound" for a taste of what the West Coast has to offer.

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