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Gypsy Sun

Gypsy Sun is none other than the prolific, terrific, and talented Jeff Paymaster of Florida. Formerly known as Rainbow Bridge in the early to mid '90s, Paymaster is the motivating impetus behind the Rainbow Bridge label.

Emerging from the rich and musically creative southeast, where artists such as Rabbit in the Moon, Dynamix II,Q Burns Abstract Message, and other electronic pioneers have hailed from, Paymaster is the master of the art of sample remix. His underground remixes have made it across the globe and continue to rock clubs and parties all over.

Experimental, forward-reaching breakbeats, beautiful vocal bits, and bone-shuddering sub-bass are some of the more pronounced elements Paymaster works with. He exploded into national prominence with 1992's rave anthem "LSD is The Bomb," which climbed to the number eight slot on Billboard's Dance charts and received MTV attention. Since then, ten full-lengths and countless singles have been produced, yet Paymaster continues to seek new inspirations in electronic grooves as he continues to create more music on his own.

He is an artist with no boundaries who always strives to keep creative and vibrant expression in his live and recorded work. Musical samples range from the hardest Ozzy Osbourne to the solemn blues of John Lee Hooker, the soft vocals of Lani Hall to the funk of Rick James. His tracks have touched upon many styles, ranging from funky breaks, hardstep drum and bass, funky speed garage, and experimental trance, yet Paymaster's unique and solid production always emerges. He has a wide assortment of influences, and has worked with a wide array of noteable artists and producers, including Lady Miss Keir of Deelite, Stevie Nicks,and Paul Oakenfold.

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