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Gus Gus

Iceland, home of Bjork and Sigur Ros, has produced another bizarre musical delight: the nine-person music and film collective, Gus Gus. Filmmakers Stefan Arni and Siggi Kjatransson organized the group as a cinema organization back in '95, but soon Gus Gus expanded to include an eclectic group of musicians and programmers. In '97, Gus Gus released the critically acclaimed and highly successful Polydistortion, an album full of the same strange quirky pop for which the The Sugarcubes were known, but infused with dense abstract electronic beats and rhythms.

Shaken Not Stirred presents these exclusive remixes of Gus Gus's hit song from Polydistortion, "Polyesterday." DJ Who contributes the space age R&B grooves of "Textural Healing (The Epic Dillusion Part II)." The smooth and sultry rhythms of "Textural Healing" are a perfect complement to Gus Gus's original vocals. Marvin Gaye fans will get the rhythmic reference.

The critically acclaimed duo Thievery Corporation lay their magic hands upon the Gus Gus original with an ethereal dub version. The "Thievery Corporation Remix" has all of the elements that have made "Thievery Style" a worldwide phenomenon.

"Sleepytime," taken from the Gus Gus vs T-World full-length (released on 4AD Records/Beggars Group), was recorded before Gus Gus had even formed. T-World is Herb Legowitz and Biggi Veira, who made moody techno house hybrids together prior to joining the Gus Gus collective. Since many of the tracks on Gug Gus vs T-World were never released, they will serve as a history lesson for fans interested in the roots of the group's sound.