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Groop Dogdrill

Straight out of Doncaster, England, a small industrial town north of London, Groop Dogdrill is on a mission to put the cock back in cock rock. These guys couldn't sound more different from the bulk of the stuff coming out of their native land these days, owing allegiance instead to older British tough guys like Motörhead and Judas Priest. This is late-adolescent macho rock that sounds like the output of a trio of sweaty, greasy, sex-starved gas station attendants -- and whaddaya know, these boys claim it's always been their dream to become "petrol attendants." In fact, the band is named after the chain of "Dogdrill" gas stations over in Germany. Perhaps one day the boys in Groop Dogdrill will realize their ultimate ambition and trade in their guitars for gas pumps, but until that glorious day they'll continue riding down the rock and roll road to hell.

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