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Born on Chicago's Southside, Griffen took his earliest cues in determination from his grandmother, who was one of the first female lawyers in Chicago. "It took her eleven years to complete law school. I got her tenacity. There was no 'quit' in her." His older brother was a DJ and introduced Griffen to hip-hop's golden era great (NWA, Geto Boys, Ice T, etc.) at an early age, laying a solid foundation.

After inking a deal with Scarface's Facemob Music in 2010, Griffen is readying the public for Apotheosis with a national campaign to finally bring his rare talent to the masses. It's a testament to his perseverance that after three solo albums, a series of mixtapes, and geographical moves, Griffen is still here in the industry working, raising his game, and constantly drawing in new fans. These days he is featured in many of Chicago's top media outlets, has a good buzz complimented with an internet presence, has partnered with a solid team which shares his vision, and has the back of an icon (Scarface) to propel him to the next level.  

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