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Gotan Project

Parisian house and Buenos Aires-born tango are lovingly mingled in the Gotan Project's dance floor smoothies fresh from the cultural blender. Beats, accordions and reverb fuse around tango, the sultry staple of Argentine musical culture that took root in Paris early on in the 20th century; a second flowering of tango cultural took root in the French capital following the exile of numerous Argentine musicians during the military regime that seized control of the Argentina during the 1970's.

Philippe Cohen Solal, Eduardo Makaroff and Christophe Mueller take the name of their dance fusion act from Argentine slang for the venerable musical style, but house, dub and hip hop rhythms and inflections are as integral to their sound as tango's telltale bandonion (a type of accordion), vocal, and violin elements. The Gotan trio enrich their sound by working with some of the veteran tango musicians who fled to Paris, including Gustavo Beytelmann and Nini Flores.

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