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Heard on the street: "The dudes in Golden like to rock -- I mean really rock." This math-/post-/big-rock all star group -- comprised of Ian Eagleson, Royal Trux' Jon Theodore, Trans Am's Phillip Manley, and Six Finger Satellite's Alex Minoff (known to those near and dear to him as "Crotchboy") -- has been conducting its nefarious experiments with tone, sound, dynamics, and structure for the better part of a decade now, while simultaneously seeking fame and fortune with their sundry other projects. Utilizing an ancient, mystical tool known as the guitar, often in twos and threes, these boys assault the senses by mixing surf rock's high-energy hilarity, math rock's angular intensity, and punk rock's out-and-out ferociousness. While the group's innovations with dynamics, rhythms, and tone make every track different, the constant is the warmth and elegance of the instrumentation, and the fierce passion that obviously lies behind it. The rollicking, almost surf rock number "Party" comes from the band's acclaimed 1999 recording Super Golden Original Movement, while the Zeppelinish "Hot" appears on 2000's Golden Summer. The restrained sonic action painting "Daytona" is an exclusive track.

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