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Gold Chains

It was only a matter of time, but thanks to luminaries like Prefuse 73 and Cex, a fusion of hip hop and abstract music has surfaced, breathing new life into both genres and shaking rumps across the globe. The music of Topher Lafata, alias Gold Chains, epitomizes this dangerous combination. Lafata made his debut in San Francisco in 2001 with a series of legendary live shows supporting local heavyweights Kid606 and Kit Clayton. After a touring Europe with Kid606, he released his first self-titled EP on Orthlorng Musork, a record full of humorous foul-mouthed tirades and electro beats known to cause clubs and house parties alike to burst into wild orgiastic frenzies.

As is apparent upon listening to these tracks, "Burn Babylon" is actually a musical departure for Gold Chains. Rather than grace the mic with lines like "Sip your pussy like champagne" and "I'll sell your lady as a sex slave to pay the rent," Lafata elected to feature the vocals of cohort Nina Oppenheim. This glorious fusion of old school industrial and electro can be found on Tigerbeat6, Inc, a double-CD with contributions from Cex, Blectum from Blechdom, Lesser, Medicine, Noriko Tujiko, Twerk, Pimmon, Ted Sulkowicz, Kid606, Gamers in Exile, Languis, Daedelus, DAT Politics, Stars As Eyes, Mikael Stavostrand, Stilluppsteypa, and more.

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