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Goem are an active bunch. Since their first record Stud Stim on the highly acclaimed Rastermusic, they have been releasing music, doing remixes (David Kristian, Ultra Milkmaids, and Pomassl), and playing concerts throughout Europe. Initially, Goem's music was based on the use of the Student Stimulator, a nerve and muscle stimulator used in hospitals. These days Goem takes their sources from a number of sources, including broken cables, records, and contact microphones -- in short, anything that can be looped and made into a distorted rhythm.

Live concerts are an integral part of Goem's identity. Goem has played in a variety of locations, ranging from an outdoor performance during the Sonar Week After festival in Barcelona to the Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm to a show with Christian Fennesz, Mike Harding, and Peter Rehberg in The Hague's cold and empty Gallerie Keller. The audience response has always been extreme, whether highly positive or utterly negative. They were greeted with "fuck you" by many at their Berlin debut in 1997 and had the plug pulled on a performance in France. Goem's live performances are more uptempo affairs than their studio recordings, so it's no surprise that they were invited by Holland's VPRO radio to record a live set. The featured track comes from Mort Aux Vaches, the product of their VPRO session. The album's cover art is a painting by Horst Bartning, a German artist better known as a realist painter. The painting is a fantastic visual representation of Goem's music -- colorful layers that move and change slowly.

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