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The Go! Team

Noisy Sonic Youth guitars. Double dutch chants. Charlie Brown piano. Car chase horns. Those are some of Ian Parton's favorite things.

Ian Parton started The Go! Team as a lo-fi solo project recorded in his parents' kitchen, hoping to combine all of his favorite musical things (as described above). Since the debut Thunder, Lightning, Strike (2004), the group has grown to six members, bringing even more noise and excitement to The Go! Team's live and recorded sound.

Their sophomore release Proof of Youth (2007) features heavier instrumentation and brings out a much more danceable urban vibe. Their next album, Rolling Blackouts (2011) takes the sound to a whole new level, bringing in marching band-style horns and guest performers such as Deerhoof vocalist Satori Matsuzaki, teenage rapper Dominique Young Unique, and Best Coast singer Bethany Cosentino.

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