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Glitter Mini 9

Glitter Mini 9 has been referred to as "San Francisco's very own Sleater-Kinney" -- high praise indeed. But while there are certainly similarities between the two groups -- like Sleater-Kinney,Glitter Mini 9 is also a girl-rock trio, and is led by a pair of vocalists, Lesley Poirer and Mauri Skinfill, whose harmonies do often remind one of Carrie Brownstein and Corin Tucker -- there are other forces driving Glitter Mini 9's sound besides Sleater-Kinney and the whole Kill Rock Stars riot grrl cohort. Overall, Glitter Mini 9's sound is a bit sweeter and less abrasive, sometimes recalling Kim Deal's Breeders or Kristin Hersh's tougher Throwing Muses songs. Their lyrics are smart and edgy, the songs are all tough-as-nails rockers, and the chick energy is totally heartfelt. With a sound this catchy and confident, Glitter Mini 9 will soon reach countless more ears than those of the small cadre of loyal West Coast fans that has been exposed to the band so far, and perhaps they will even fulfill their ultimate goal of total rock domination. Hell, supposedly even Hole wants to play with them. You can hear these tracks on their new record, Break Up at the Rock Show, and for more Glitter Mini, check out their 1998 EP, Bitchin'.

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